Desk 2 gift suggestions investigation evaluating organizations that had and had not had their sexual debuts

Desk 2 gift suggestions investigation evaluating organizations that had and had not had their sexual debuts

The brand new suggest many years toward basic sexual intercourse is actually below questioned into the Brazilian population, that is sixteen years old (Ministry away from Fitness, 2010)

The new attempt is actually comprising 7572 teenagers residents regarding Brazilian says away from Pernambuco, Rio Grande perform Sul, Amazonas, Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, Mato Grosso perform Sul, and you will Distrito Government. New imply many years is actually sixteen.5 years (SD 1.82), ranging from 14 so you’re able to 24 years. 45% from players was indeed male. To the complete decide to try 58% reported average monthly income out-of below minimum-wage, and you will 69% made use of area fitness attributes. 97% advertised being heterosexual, 46% already had sexual intercourse, therefore the suggest years into sexual debut of these is 14.4 (DP step one.89). Merely 54% claimed condom play with and you may twelve% ended up being pregnant or impregnated a partner. The sexual chance rating (M=0.sixty, SD=0.6) ranged away from 0 (had never had sex) to 4 (members who claimed 4 chance items). No users claimed 5 otherwise 6 chance exposures. Getting religious affiliation, 50% have been Catholic, 23% Protestant and you may 19% sensed when you look at the Jesus but did not have a religious association (Come across Dining table step 1).

This new teams molded of the male, more mature participants, shorter religious, and you will homosexuals disagree rather into the large fee to have basic sexual intercourse than their co-workers. There is certainly no factor toward communities from the earnings and you can usage of wellness center.

A big difference are used in sexual chance choices having large size of men, younger professionals, men and women generating less than minimum-wage, and you may profiles of the people wellness solution having higher risk behavior

To your sub sample designed by professionals with sexual first, a composite was determined to own sexual risk decisions predicated on about three specific variables: condom use, pregnancy, and you can abortion occurrence. Dining table step 3 suggests the distinctions to your element verdifull hyperkobling out of sexual risk choices as well as particular sexual behaviors. Sexual orientation, religiosity, and you may religious association presented no factor regarding the substance away from sexual exposure choices.

To possess condom play with, significant differences was receive that have highest cost out-of condom use for guys and teens. Out of symptoms of being pregnant, a big difference was found with the high fee having ladies communities, children, worst, and you may profiles of one’s people fitness provider. Only the women’s group got a significant difference regarding abortions.

Religiosity failed to play a serious character for sexual exposure behavior, aside from the benefits having sexual introduction. Additionally, players on the advanced level gang of religiosity displayed higher account off sexual exposure decisions minimizing quantity of condom explore.

Dining table cuatro presents a logistic regression getting sexual exposure bringing conclusion. The brand new said difference of your latest design try 10.6%. The very last model showed an end result with significance to own sex, ages, and you may money due to the fact predictors to own sexual chance-providing choices. Being female, younger, and you will lower income classification will be the more powerful predictive details on the sexual risk behavior.

So it searching for are specific into prediction off reducing the years getting first sexual intercourse and confirms the latest pattern expressed by the most other knowledge (Barbosa ).

A high number of adolescents and you will young people in the place of faith is rise above the crowd, confirming the theory one to at this point discover a tendency to reduce the brand new institutionalized religions and you may a spiritual transit (Almeida & Montero, 2001). We should instead think one, traditionally, the brand new list from mind-affirmation because the Catholics is high, regardless if that faith is not really practiced. Part of the reasons because of it is dependent on the fact religiosity belongs to Brazilian culture and you can turned a portion of the label developed just in case you have been experienced within the traditional Catholic household, since they’re baptized and you will initiated on the this faith (Almeida & Montero, 2001).